The Light Following Robot Mechanical Technical Seminar Report is about the robot named as BEAM which is the amazing kit with all parts like omni-directional feeler switches, new pager motors, high output solar cell, in-depth and informative documentation and a small PCB.

 The capacitors lead in solar cells positive lead to solder the capacitors negative lead in solar cells negative lead. The capacitors negative lead is tagged by a minus sign and arrows. The positive connection is mended to the red positive lead and the negative connection is mended to white ground lead.

 Red refers to positive and the dark color refers to negative. The positive wire connects to photovores and the negative wire connects to the green lead. The left motor is same but jumped. The positive wire defines blue lead and the negative wire goes to red lead.

 The photovores are very slow and bored. The photodiodes are free which functions very good to use the BEAM. Anode connects to the potentiometer and cathode to pin 2. The ohm resistors are installed from 3906 to the Collector. The 2.2K resistor is used to tune the solar engines with required motors. The bad solder and visible shorts are found as the connections in the kit.


 The Light Following Robot Mechanical Technical Seminar Report concludes that BEAM photovore is an independent robot which is completely stimulated by solar energy. It is phototropic that finds more shining object of light and provide much energy. The first step to make photovore is schematic. There are various methods to make photovore circuit and free-forming is one of them.

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