Library Management System Computer Project in java with SRS

Introduction to Library Management System Computer Project in java:

The main aim of this project to illustrate the requirements needed for the library management system. The project gives a view about both functional and non-functional requirements chosen by the client. The project is developed using Edraw Tool, JAVA, MS-ACCESS database, SQL. This application has a search facility the admin can search by book or name. The admin can add or remove users or book from database.


 The library transactions like issue, return and renewal of members. It can be used in various fields like :

  In an educational institute, college giving description about content and the author.

 It can used in libraries for easily maintain the books and their details.

Conventions used:

  • Admin: a person who has admin access privileges can login with his id and password.
  • User: The user can login into his account by the assigned login id and with his password.
  • Clients: They are nothing but intended users.
  • SQL: It is used to retrieve the data from data base.
  • SQL server: It used to store data in an order.
  • Unique key: It is used for the differentiation of table entries.

Product features:

  • Admin is the librarian.
  • Student can access his account through online
  •  To the Librarian can issue a book to the student.
  • Admin/user can view different books available in library.
  • Admin can the books information or edit them.
  • Admin check issued books and can view the details of student accounts.
  • Student can request a new book from library
  • Student can view the previous books that he was taken.
  • Student can search all the books available in library.

Data-Base Tables:

  • Books database
  • Borrowers database
  • Users database
  • Category database

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