We used to go our JNTU B Tech English Lab on Communication Skills informal with a tie around our neck which we lift very uncomfortable at the beginning but later it helped to include the qualities of a professional in us. The communication lab helped us to learn oral skills by producing software in the system which contained listening skills, public speakers, phonetics, group discussion etc……. later we cure divided in to gropes and conducted different types of programs  which brought no let what we learnt in the lab the ability of a student.
Every one of as gave a presentation on different topics with the help of slides, posters etc …which helped kill the stage phobia in us. It helped as to learn how to deliver speech in public and to gain the attention of the audience we were given different tips to speech in public and to gain the attention of the audience we were given different tips make our speech more effective like our dressing posture, content, pallets of tone, etc…
One of the actively in our communication lab which made of use involve in topic presentation with the help of slides, postures, etc.….. every one of were called on to the dais and we introduced ourselves and gave presentation and they corrected us where we have gone wrong with this activity we learnt a lot content. Of a topic and the style of delivering it which boosted our confidence.

Communication Skills:

    While studying my engineering course, it’s very necessary for me to be confident and much communicative, during lab sessions I learned to be confident to speak in front of many people.
                 After attending ELCS lab  My language, pronunciation and fluency in speaking also improved a lot. I got to know how to present my self in an interview, how to organize data how to impress the public by my speeches and moreover I got control my body language. I feel that getting such an opportunity to learn communication skills is luck for me.  

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