Java Struts Introduction – Struts Tutorial

J2EE Course – Java Struts Introduction 

Part1 (S.S.H):-

  • Struts 1.x/2.x (pre-requisites: Servlet and JSP)
  • Spring 2.5/3.5 (pre-requisites: Servlet and JSP)
  • Hibernate 3.2/43.4 (pre-requisites: JDBC)

Part2 (RMI-EJB):-

  • RMI
  • JNDI
  • EJB
  • JMS
  • And other j2ee module topics

Part3 (xml-webservices):-

  • Xml (prerequisites: core java)
  • Web Services (prerequisites:  servlets & jsp) & misc


      Ajax, Log4j, ant, cus, Junit, debugging, jasper, reports etc.

A web application is a collection of web resource program and each web resource program generates one web page.
The web application i.e. placed on internet network by purchasing space & domain name (like is called as website.
Based on the content generated in the web pages there are two types of web resource programs.

       1. Static web resource programs: generate static web pages (fixed content).

Example: html programs

      2. Dynamic web resource program: generates dynamic web pages.

Example: – Servlet program, JSP program etc.

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