Introduction to Internet and Its Application Computer Seminar Topic:

Internet and its applications are mainly made or developed by the web design language called as the HTML web design language. This is a language which is specially used for creating the web pages and more web applications too. HTML is called as the Hyper Text Markup Language. This markup language is based on the markup tags. These tags are then used for the description of the web pages. The HTML files are stored and saved with the extension named as the .Html and this file then opens in a browser and shows the results.

Html markup tags are generally named as the Html tags this are the standard keywords that are written between the angle brackets at the start and the end of the standard keyword. These tags are always in couples or pairs like the opening tag and the closing tag. Here every tag that is opened is compulsorily been closed or else the Html file will display some error.

It is also called as the start tag and the end tag. Starts are the opening tag and the end tags are the closing tags. This start and the end tags are written to develop the web page but it never gets displayed while the web page gets executes.

The heading of the Html is denoted by the keyword <h1> where the number of the <h> decreases the size of the font get decreased. Paragraphs in the Html are denoted by the keyword <p> which has a start tag as well as the end tag too. Links in Html are denoted by the keyword <a> which provides a link to the other web pages. Image tag is displayed like <img> which adds image to the web pages. <hr> tag gives the horizontal lines and <br> creates the break in the letters.

There are many more tags that can be learned briefly by reading the HTML reference books too.

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