NIT Computer Science Master Project Report on Hostel Information System Database Design

Introduction to Computer Science Master Project on Hostel Information System Database Design:

Now a day’s Internet has become a daily need to each and every Ones life. Each and every information that a person needs is also available on the Internet now a days. Here the very famous institute called the NITC is the best one to learn this various important things. This NITC helps people to trace their required ward as per their own need. But this existing device provides the people to trace their wards Without the NITC too. This also helps the people to know their own private detailed information that they need.

The basic requirements that are needed to develop this software are a Java Supported Browser and also that must support HTML. A JSP server, the Tomcat service and the Oracle 9i database system for storing the back end data’s. The Hardware requirements are the BIOS from Pentium onwards and near 128 MB RAM and a 5GB hard disk. Communication interface and the User Interface are the Two Interfaces that are used in the device.  

This existing system has no sort of errors and it works properly and has a great progress in the Outcome of the Results too. The advantages of the systems are it works complete automatically and it also has a quick execution process. This device has the data updated feature whenever needed.

This system is easy to handle and also a security protected device system too. The future architecture of the system is the database of the system can be newly updated and allocation of the room student management can also be easily added in the existing system. The security issues can be made more secured for better security to users. It can be updated in all of the supported Operating system too. And the last is the Interfaces can be made very handily and also.

 Download  NIT Computer Science Master Project Report on Hostel Information System Database Design .

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