Insulation and Manufacturing Process Of 500mw Turbo Generator Bars Project Report

Introduction to Turbo generator:

A turbo generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. A turbo generator is a turbine which is directly connected to electric generator for generation of electricity. Here the turbine is driven with an electric generator. The mechanical motion is created in the turbine by using heat , water vapor or nuclear power, the created mechanical motion is fed to the shaft of the turbo generator and this converts the mechanical energy to electrical energy.

Insulation and manufacturing process of turbo generators:

The turbo generator consists of coils which are made of copper. As the no of coils increases the speed of the turbo generator increases. The 500mw turbo generator consists of 42 coils. The coils are insulated by using nomex paper. This is supplied with a pressure of 480 tons. A exciter is of two different lengths are present . A hydro generator winding section is present in the generator which consists of permanent magnet generators. It is used as a exciter for the magnet. The turbo generator rotor  is filled with hydrogen gas which prevents the coils from decaying. The turbo generator operates at a frequency of 50hz. The rotor present inside the turbo generator rotates with a speed of 3000rpm. A certain number of tests like mechanical test and load test ,bearing test, OC test are performed before the turbo generator is released , in order to know output efficiency. The 500mv generator has a stator voltage of 21kv.

Areas of implementation:

The turbo generators are used in generation of power in power plants. It can be used in different kind of power plants like coal or nuclear or wind or hydro. Because the mechanical energy generate from any source is driven into turbo generator to generate electricity.

Download Insulation and Manufacturing Process Of 500mw Turbo Generator Bars Project Report, pdf,ppt.

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