The Institute Management System Project in PHP website is useful for the students,staff,parents who like to display Result as well attendance and all the task like event,news,fresh assignment without going to college.It provides the facility to the students or parents to have complete information about the college.

Institute Management System

  • This website is very dynamic and very easy to understand, the interface of the website is very easy and anybody can easily work in our website, this website can provide all the details about college,courses,subjects,event,news,attendance,result. some important information about fresh news & events.
  • In this web site does not need to perform papers work likes make result sheet on papers and then put on notice board.but in this site just make sheet on ms excel and just upload that sheet.
  • Staff also give login so it will show own subject result division so it will analyse own result and it will try to make better result than exiting result. 

  Institute Management System Project Limitations :

Each and every system has some limitations that can restrict then to work on a particular environment. Through our system is provided high amount of accuracy and quick data generation there is still some limitations that led us to in greater deficiency to work on that system. Some of the limitation that is observed during all the process is mentioned below

  • This system requires knowledgeable person to use this system.
  • The system is not cover the online fees collection.
  • This system doesn’t provide library management.
  • The system is web-base application (website) so internet facility must be need.
  • This system is a web-base system so it may slow when more users accessing same interface at same time.
  • For data storage large number of memory covered by system on web.
  • User does not view topper of that college.
  • This system is not cover online admission.
  • This system does not cover to pay staff salary.

Enhancements : 

 In future our system can include Online Accounting System, Good Backup and Restore Facility. 

System is so much flexible so in future it can increase easily and new modules can be added easily. 

You can add online student admission as well pay online fees. 

In future you can add new module like library management system.