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Hydraulic Pumps and Pressure Regulation Mechanical Engineering Project

December 4, 2011 posted in Mechanical Projects, Mechanical Seminar Topics by Kasarla shanthan/Ramesh Gavva

The Hydraulic Pumps and Pressure Regulation Mechanical Engineering Project is about the hydraulic pump that gets the oil from a tank and gives to the hydraulic circuit by increasing oil pressure to the particular level. The pumps are moved at constant speed with the help of AC induction motor that rotates at 1500 rpm. The motor and pump are used as a one unit.

 There are two types of pump and compressor where one is used for fluids and another one for gases. Fluid is moved into the pump and thrown out of periphery with the centrifugal force. The fluid flow keeps the pressure at the end of pump. The devices are called hydrodynamic pumps applied to transmit the fluid from one place to another at low pressures.

The pump transfers the rigid volume of fluid at the outlet port from inlet to outlet. The piston pump is without inherent pressure decided by leakage of pump. If the pressure is present into a dead end then the pressure increases with pump stroke continuously.

Pump data sheets need speed of 1200, 1500 or 1800 rpm based on the speed of induction motor. The capacity of pump depends on the drive speed and it is decreased and its efficiency decreases with the increase in fluid leakage. This is called slippage.


Hydraulic pumps are hydrostatic that need concept to manage the system pressure to prevent pump failure or catastrophic pipe. The pump is designated with the delivery of flow rate and the pump could hold with high pressure. These are known as pump capacity and pressure rating.

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