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Hotel Management System Project in VB

January 18, 2012

Hotel Management System Final Year Computer Science Engineering student Project was developed in VB.Net is the front-end & MS Access is the back end. This project has the below modules:

Hotel  Booking Module:

Customers will be able to search through available hotels and costs of rooms. The restaurant search function shall offer users the ability to search for hotels by supplying desired location in the city of destination, desired room size and standard, and the price range. Once restaurant’s that meet the user’s specifications are located, their location, room sizes and standards and pricing information will be displayed to the user for the user to select the actual restaurant and room he/she desires to lodge in.

This module offers easy access to a number of available restaurant’s and rooms and gives pricing information for each of them.

Flight Booking Module:

The function allows a user to book a flight and a hotel. A user will get a 30% discount of the total if he/she does so. This module offers easy access to a number of available hotels and rooms and available flights and gives pricing information for each of them.

Make Payment Module:
This module allows user to present payment information after choosing a flight or restaurant. It will bring the user to a page in which they can submit payment information. Once they have agreed, their payment will be processed & will be posted to the database.

The customer must pay at the end of the transaction to complete it. For this, they must enter their payment information and provide agreement to be charged. That is what this function provides.

Download Hotel Management System Project in VB

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24 Comments to "Hotel Management System Project in VB"

  1. Rak wrote:

    how to use this vb files to connect online with website???

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    this is nice

  3. rajendra wrote:

    what is the passward for this

  4. neha thakur wrote:

    can i shear this vb project?

  5. sam_i7 wrote:

    how to remove the admin name polz reply from bottom of projext and aslo from about ..

  6. jhuhiee wrote:

    pls mail me thes program

  7. prabakaranv wrote:

    plz send this project with execution file for my mini project development…

  8. Zakaria wrote:

    plz send me Hotel management System in vb and Maccess

  9. Rashmi wrote:

    can u mail me this program code? plz… :)

  10. vineet rajoria wrote:

    pls send me a project of hotel management for mba because i prepare my mba project

  11. kabi wrote:

    if i run this code i get an error as “user define type not define” can u help me to run this project..

  12. okoka wrote:

    Am doing a project on hotel management system using vb.Net, the documentation has being done, can yu help with the sourse code?

  13. Ramesh wrote:

    i need the hospital management project in vb.net

  14. Reena Hembrom wrote:

    what will be the main source in the project hotel management i should do……?

  15. aruna wrote:

    very easy to hotel management system project

  16. harshad upadhye wrote:

    contact min facebook all project code are avaliable.

  17. harshad upadhye wrote:

    contact m in facebook all projects code avalable here..

  18. bala wrote:

    i need mini project on hotel management system

  19. pankaj singh chauhan wrote:

    plzz sir ,
    send me module of hospitality management on hotels


  20. saru wrote:

    hi frnds i need mini project on hotel mangement system front end vb6.0 and back end oracle pls send me that project my id is PrincessGayu@rediffmail.com immediately…pls

  21. eberechukwu udemba wrote:

    I need a pdf on hotel management system

  22. samri wrote:

    plseee send me ur program im second yr student of information system and i need it for my project

  23. shakthi wrote:

    can you please send me a hotel management project for M.Phil because i preparing for my M.Phil project

  24. abhilekha wrote:

    can you please send me code of hotel management system using c#

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