The main aim of this project is to get the vehicle position using the global position system concept. In the past GSM is implemented, do that we can get the vehicle information, which person using the vehicle this information directly send to the mobile of the owner. So that owners easily get the information, but the owner not gets any information of the vehicle location, to find that GPS is implemented. In this project we can find the exact vehicle position. In this ECE project the components used are microcontroller (8051), 8051 micro controller is the 40 pin device, GPS module-to find track the vehicle, and pc-to control the equipments. Nowadays GPS is implemented in almost all countries. Because if our vehicle or mobile are dropped are any one taken illegally then we can easily track using the GPS project. This tracking can be done using the satellite also. United States now using satellite technology to track the position of the vehicle. This process is called as the global navigation satellite system. First earth orbit satellite transmits the microwave signal then satellite receiver collects the data of the corresponding object.

Download GPS enabled PC based geographic information system (GIS) and routing scheduling system Project Abstract.