Final Year Project on Robotic Car

The main objective of developing this Robotic car is to provide automatic method for controlling of microcontroller based electronic robotic vehicle. Here we have used Keyboard based operations to move the positions and speed of the car, keyboard prepared in this application is looking like computer keyboard and has the functionalities like left key used for turn left the car wheels and position, right key used for turn right the car position, enter button used to stop and start the car. Simple motors and stepper motors, micro controllers, transmitters, receivers, LCD displays, LED equipments used to impalement total robotic movement system. 8951 Microcontroller connected to the keyboard and operations can be done by car operators in the vehicle control room. IR transmitter and receiver sections, Stepper motor, DC motors directly connected to micro controller in the circuit diagrams.


Download Final Year Project on Robotic Car and total Project Documentation, paper Presentation, Seminar Topic.

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