Introduction to Eye Blink Sensing an Accident Preventer Electrical and Electronics Engineering Project:

Now a day’s accidents are occurring very frequently and sometimes the people are losing their lives as they are provided with the treatment in time because it difficult to know the exact location of the accident occurred. We have seen many devices employed to prevent accidents and we are proposing a eye blinking sensing device which is used to know whether the accident has occurred or not and gives an alarm. In this paper we will see how the eye blinking sensing device works and advantages of using it.

Working model and design:

In this device we find a transmitting unit and a receiving unit. To sense the blinking of eyes we will use an IR sensor which transmits the infrared signals on to the eye and counts the blinking of eye. In the receiver unit we use an AT89CS1 microcontroller which drives the alarm based on the information given b the IR sensor.

This microcontroller belongs to the family of 8051 and it is a 8 bit controller which 4kb on chip ROM and 128 bytes of internal RAM and 32 i/o pins which exactly suites for the arrangement of the components. The microcontroller is programmed using keil software and it is fed with the information of the normal blinking of eye. When the sensor transmits the information it compares with the fed data and based on the information it gives an alarm. Here the entire unit is provide with a constant power supply a 5v dc and avoid the power fluctuations we will use a voltage regulator.


This type of device is available at lower costs and can be fixed in the vehicle easily and it has a long life time. By this device we can alarm when driver is getting sleep as it checks of the blinking of eyes. This device is a reliable device and does not require any additional manpower.

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