Simple Electronics and Electrical Projects

S.No Title of the Project Project Description
 1 Audio Controlled Flash lights
 2 Automatic Battery Charger This is a simple project that enables the user to charge up the battery upto the maximum voltage.
 3 Advanced Embedded Automatic Car Parking System This system automatically allows the cars to be parked according to the space available in the cellar.
 4 Automatic School Bell System The school bell is rung on time basis automatically.
 5 Automatic Street light control system The street lights are controlled based on the intensity of light.
 6 Automatic Token System for E-seva and Bank Applications This system issues token numbers to the users in the banks or E-sevas.
 7 Automatic Toll Gate system This system automatically collects the tax from the users at the toll gates.
 8 Cell Phone keypad Implementation using 8051 The cell phone keypad mechanism can be designed using 8051 and a normal numeric keypad.
 9 Dancing LEDS Different light patterns can be generated using this project.
 10 Dc motor speed and direction control using PWM In this project we can control the speed of the dc motor and its direction.
 11 Embedded Electronic Voting System Rigging can be prevented upto the maximum extent using this project.
 12 Embedded Green House Automation System The temperature and light intensity are controlled in green houses.
 13 Embedded Quiz Monitor system This system identifies the participant who has pressed the buzzer first and also displays the results at the end.
 14 Fortune Telling System This system displays funny, interesting and different message when the user inserts a coin in it.
 15 PC based Hitech Home Implementation We can control the home appliances just by sitting in front of PC.
 16 Home Automation using TV remote The electrical appliances are controlled using TV remote in this project.
 17 Home security system In this project we are providing security for home using different sensors.
 18 Implementation of Digital Calendar This system displays the date, day, month and year using microcontroller.
 19 Implementation of PWM technique using 555 timer for DC motor The DC motor can be controlled using 555 timer in this project.
 20 Industrial Fault Indication with Over-Voltage and Over –Temperature This system gives an indication immediately when the current values exceed the corresponding set points.
 21 IR based Bidirectional Visitor counter This project counts the number of persons or the objects entering the premises in any of the direction i.e., entering or exiting the room.
 22 IR Based Security system This system provides security by detecting the unauthorized persons.
 23 Line Following Robot This robot follows only black line. This is useful in security applications
 24 Microcontroller based Digital Code Lock The project is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area.
 25 Over Under Voltage Control System This project protects electrical appliances from over and under voltage.
 26 PC based Data Logger In this project, the temperature value is monitored and displayed on PC.
 27 PC based Real Time Clock using RTC The time is read using RTC chip and is displayed on PC continuously.
 28 PC based Robot The robot is fully controlled by the PC in this project.
 29 PC based Stepper Motor Control System In this project, the stepper motor cane be controlled using PC.
 30 Power Saving System and visitor counter for room This project displays the number of persons present in the room and controls the light according to the intensity of daylight.
 31 Programmable Alarm Clock using 8051 In this project, the time will be read and displayed on LCD.
 32 Remote Controlled Robot The robot can be controlled by IR/RF remote.
 33 RS-232 to I2C Protocol Converter Using this project, the data can be transferred between PC and memory devices using protocol conversion.
 34 AC motor speed control using TRIAC The speed of AC motor is controlled automatically according to the input.
 35 Temperature based Fan Speed control The level of fan speed can be set automatically based on the temperature.
 36 Temperature Monitor and Control using LM35 The temperature will be read continuously and compared with the set point. The appliances will be controlled based on the comparison.
 37 Time based Electrical Appliances control in Industries We can control the devices in Industries based on their on and off times.
 38 Water Level Indicator and Pumping system for Water Tanks Using this project, the water level can be indicated in the water tanks and also controlled.
 39 Weather Monitoring System This project is useful for gathering the environment variables from remote geographical areas for prediction of the weather.
 40 Wireless Stepper Motor Control The direction of the stepper motor can be controlled using an IR remote.


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  1. I am an electronics engineering final year student, My project is “Multiload power monitoring system” can you please tell me the following details-
    1. Can digital energy meter interface with the RF Module?
    2. How to get the database information directly from the meter to the P.C

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