Eye Blink and Alcohol Sensor Based Vehicle Accident Prevention System

Accidents are the most common cause of death for the peoples who drive vehicles. Accidents happen, even to the people who are careful, but many accidents may be avoidable if simple precautions are taken. One of the major reasons for the accident is drink and drive. We can avoid these accidents by providing the eye blink and alcohol sensors to the drivers. The eye blink switch responds to the voluntary blink of the eye and requires minimal calibration. It discriminates between voluntary and involuntary blinks.

Existing System:

Most of the accidents occur due to lack of concentration and tiredness of the driver. The number of accidents increases due to lack of preventive measures.

Proposed System:

In this system, to overcome these problems we make use Eye-blink and Alcohol sensors to monitor the status of the driver. In one application when the driver is tired, the eye-blink sensor compares with the predetermined count in the microcontroller and if it is abnormal, the microcontroller generates an alarm signal and the alert message is displayed in the LCD. In the meanwhile, the motor gets stopped.

In other application, if the driver is in a drunken state, the alcohol sensor detects the abnormality by comparing the predetermined values in the microcontroller and the alert message is displayed on the LCD. Meanwhile, the motor gets stopped ant driver is in a safe condition.


  • Can be used in vehicles for safer driving.


Hardware Requirements:

  • Microcontroller Unit and Power Supply.
  • Eye-blink and Alcohol sensor.
  • Alarm & LCD.
  • Relay unit. 

Software Requirements:

  • Embedded C.
  • Keil Compiler. 


  • Cost effective.
  • High safety.

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  1. Hello! Your project is very nice. i want to know more details about it. Can you give me their coding and configuration as soon as possible.

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