This project aims at generating high output power from low frequency signal. This type of power system generators are used in low frequency harvesting applications. In this type of low frequency power generators a new electret electrode is used a micro power generator which is a new vibration structure. In this paper we will see how the micro power is generated and how an electret electrode is designed.

Brief on the working model:

The electrostatic micro power generator device is made up of two fixed pats made of glass substrates with collector electrodes. These are provided with moving parts with a electric structure made of silicon substrate which have proof mass.

Micro balls are fixed firmly so as to support the moving parts and they can roll along the silicon and glass substrates. For the springs attached to moving parts the spring constant is kept low so as to vibrate at low resonance frequencies. The electrets electrodes are made of dielectric material which has quasi permanent electric charge facing the collector electrode.


These power generators are capable of generating a power of above 40W even under a signal of 2hz. These types of micro power generators are best suited for low frequency harvested applications. By using high surface electret electrodes we can design high power generation structure. This type of design allows separation gap control and a long range movement even at low frequencies. We can even use human motions for generation of power.

 Download  Electrostatic Micro Power Generation from Low Frequency Vibration Electronics Project Abstract.