Real Time Pedestration Detection and Tracking at Night Time for Driver Assistance Systems

Introduction to driver assistance systems:

Because of accidents the pedestrians are the most affected people. It is very difficult for the drivers to detect the people crossing the roads during night times. The proposed system is a driver assistance system which detects the pedestrians crossing the roads and gives an alarm to the driver so that he can decrease the speed of the vehicle. In this paper we will see the design and the working model of the driver assistance system.

Working model and design:

We will use an 89C52 microcontroller which is the heart of the design and it controls the flow of signals to the components. To detect the pedestrians we will employ an infrared sensor which can track the object and past the information to the microcontroller. A software program is loaded into the microcontroller so as to give the buzzer based on the information given by the sensor. The program is written using embedded c and is loaded into the microcontroller ROM using keil software. This device is placed in front of the vehicle and when the device is switched on the sensor starts working. The entire device is provided with a 5V dc power supply by using a battery source.. The keil software is capable for programming flash memories.


This is very efficient device for tracking or detecting the pedestrians walking during night time and avoids the occurrence of accidents. This device gives a alarm so that the diver gets alert. This device can be developed by using automatic break system which stops the car automatically when a obstacle is detected.

Download  Real Time Pedestration Detection and Tracking at Night Time for Driver Assistance Systems  Project Report.

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