Electronic Temperature Control Relay Project Report

Introduction to Electronic Temperature Control Relay Project:

In our daily life we have been wasting so much of power by using electronic devices like heaters, fans, TVs, iron boxes, etc and other resources. Electricity is the most important for our world so we should be save it. By using temperature control device we can save the power. 0-100°C electronic temperature controlled relay is a circuit, which temperature is controlled with the help of LM35 temperature sensor.

LM35 series are precision integrated –circuit temperature sensors. Its output is directly proportional to the Celsius temperature. These sensors has an advantage compared to linear sensors is which are calculated in ˚ Kelvin also. If any user does not required to subtract constant voltage from its output to get centigrade scaling, these LM35 series sensors do not require external calibration.

The main aim of this project is control the temperature. Hardware requirements are LM35, Comparator, Relay, Reference voltage, and buzzer or alarm. LM35 temperature sensor is calibrated in Celsius and Kelvin. Comparator is used for to construct complete thermal-controlled switch. Reverential voltage is used for set the temperature. If the temperature is low for the preset level then it will energize if high then de-energize is done by the Relay. Buzzer or alarm will generate the sound when temperature is sufficient.

This project is applicable for both heaters and iron boxes. When a bucket of water is heated with heater then LM35 circuit is keep in touch with heater and set a temperature value. After completion of that presented level buzzer will give sound. same for iron boxes.

Future enhancement is applicable for industries. This circuit is keep in touch with mission and set a temperature value. After completion of the temperature level alarm will give the sound then inform to control room immediately mission will be stop. So we can save the power as well as money.  

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