Electronic Locker System Electronics Project Report

Introduction to Electronic locker system:

The aim of Electronic Locker System Electronics Project project is to provide effective security measures for the users. Here the user can open their respective lockers by the specified user id and password. The equipment of this system consists of barcode reader for identification of id cards and host computer is installed which monitors the entire system. The host computer is fed with the database of the users, so that when users enter their id’s it checks the details and allot the lockers.

Brief into the working:

The drop bolts are placed in the locker an a electronic switching device (Relay drivers) are connected to these bolts. The signals from the host computer to the these switching devices are carried out with an RS232 cable. First bar coder identifies the id cards and displays a screen for entering the user id and after this process it sends a signal to the switching device so that the specified locker bolt drops. As we find many lockers the signal is sent to the respective locker with a multiplexer. The entire system runs with a 12v dc power supply. The system is provided with back-up power supply to avoid break downs.

Applications and Future scope:

These type are lockers are very useful in providing security, and these lockers are controlled automatically which reduces man power. But the is a drawback that an person can open the lockers by giving the user id and password , as the system does not know whether is a right person or not. This can be overcome by making the authentication process with finger print scanner or an eye scanner, where these is no possibility of manipulating. Thus we can conclude that electronic locker systems are very useful in the modern days.

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