Electronic Circuit Breaker Electronics Project ideas

An Electronic Circuit Breaker Electronics Project ideas is basically a replacement for a fuse and is fabricated to protect the electrical circuit from harm caused either by short circuit or overload. This circuit checks for discontinuity and then by interrupting the electrical flow, corrects the faulty condition. Since it is an electrical switch it can be reprogrammed again and normal operation continues.

electronic-circuit-breaker-electronics-project-ideasThis project deals with the automation of circuit breakers available in the market. The input memory is volatile (ROM) and output memory non-volatile i.e. RAM. It also comprises of a clock and an I/O unit. The electrical switch’s working is designed with the help of a microcontroller. These microcontroller chips are tiny in size and can be embedded.

The Electronic Circuit Breaker Electronics Project ideas discussed here makes use of CMOS 8-bit microcontroller. This microcontroller has an in-built programmable memory. It’s got several other versatile features and is very flexible to use and also a cost effective solution for the embedded system applications. The hardware of the microcontroller is driven by software instructions.

For any circuit, the power supply considerations are very important. The external supply which is got from the mains is 220 V. however this voltage isn’t used. By using a step down transformer, a voltage of 12 V is obtained. Further voltage regulators and bridge rectifiers are used to convert the AC to DC voltage. Here LM 7805 voltage regulator is used.                 


Circuit breakers are manufactured in various sizes and shapes for all kinds of device applications. Also, to protect high voltage circuits, the electronic circuit breaker is designed to secure the entire city. This project safeguards not only from voltage but also current fluctuations. It can be implemented in power bus circuit breaker and battery shut circuit protection. It’s also employed in the regulator for current protection and power interrupt for sensitive systems.

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