Introduction to ECE Projects for Final Year on Efficient and Economical Solution For Traffic Congestion For Urban Areas:

Now a day’s Traffic congestion plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life activities. Traffic congestion is the most problematic issue for the people especially who are living in urban areas like metropolitan cities. Traffic jam causes health problems, damaging fuel, delay in work, etc. Some of the traffic congestion was being reduced by the bypasses, flyovers, multi-way roads and ring roads. But we did not avoid the problem completely, because of growing the tremendous population in world wide. So we should take alternative solution for this problem.

                 This project mainly concentrates on these type of problems. The best solution is Underpass using Finite Element Approach by BOX Method. These type of problems were occurring because of parking spaces, narrow roads and streets, built shopping complexes, apartments, Fright distribution, accidents and safety, Loss of public properties, etc.

                  We have designed 3-methods they are Manual method, Single beam method and Finite element approach method. Calculation of loads, analysis of fixed end moments by moment distribution method was done by manual method and then designed it. Staad method is used in single beam method and Staad. Pro (plate method) is used in finite element approach method. Finally we compared three methods good results and more advantages are involving in finite element approach method.

This approach is less cost if cost is no problem, because once the underpass ways will be constructed, it will use for a lot of years and no need to repair them when construction is very strong. Maximum 100crore is enough but calculation of box method is somewhat difficult. So there is no long routes are possible.    

                   Advantages of this method is to avoid the uninterrupted traffic, provide the smooth traffic at national high ways, increase the government and public economic and saving the fuel using underpass by avoiding the long routes. 

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