Redtacton Technology Projects

In Redtacton Technology Project report we explain about red tacton which is a new revolutionary concept in transmitting data over a limited distance by means of the electrical field produced by the human body. In recent days this red tacton technology had made tremendous changes in the field of security and several automation activities.

The electric pulse on the surface of the human body acts as a medium for the transmission of data in between the transmitter and the receiver in the red tacton chip. These red tacton chips are capable of accepting any type of data signal and transmit these signals through the human electrical field.

Briefly “It is a new human area networking technology which makes use of the human body circumference as a mere path to transmit the data”.

Working principle:

The red tacton chip at the transmitter section emits the data and transmits this signal in the human body charge field and then the chip at the receiver section takes the pulse signal and decodes to required format.

Developed prototype:

In this particular project we developed a sample red tacton prototype. The red tacton device consists of two main devices at the sending end and the receiving end.

  • Portable Card-Size Transmitter- it can transmits data at a rate of 230kbps in unidirectional transmission mode.
  • Embedded Receiver – its transmission rate is as same the Portable Card-Size Transmitter with same transmission mode.

Download Redtacton Technology Projects Report

Students can download seminar report and related projects with project PPT from below link.

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