ECE Project Topic on ZigBee Device Access Control and Reliable Data Transmission

Health monitoring system includes a few Zigbee devices that help to measure the data of the users. Although there are lots of Zigbee devices nearby only one Zigbee devices can accept the communication. The implementation of the access control should be made because of the presence of a lot of devices. In the MAC layer there can be access control but we implement as well as design it in the layer of an application to handle them properly.

A Zigbee which is a wireless communication can lose its data but the physiological data cannot be lost. In this paper a system is proposed so that the data transmission becomes a reliable process and no data can be lost during the transmission in the Zigbee health monitoring system. Nowadays wireless systems are used immensely for  rapid exchanging of data audios, images and other information’s that are between remote locations. These are presently applied to improve the system of health care all around the world.

User health can be monitored by the health monitoring system and it includes sign devices to measure the physiological data of the users. Although if there are lots of Zigbee devices nearby the communication process will be accepted between one Zigbee device users. The accessing control should be implemented because of the presence of the Zigbee devices.

A set of ID mechanisms is used for accessing control. The data must not be lost but Zigbee devices can lose lose because of its wireless feature. In this paper, we propose a secure and reliable transmission of data so that it does not lose any data in the health monitoring system of the Zigbee. The control of the access to the Zigbee health monitoring system as well as the transmission of data  can ensure the communication between the dongle and the sensor device reliably and safely.

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