ECE Project Report on Home Automation Using Mobile Communication

The main aim of this project is to controlling the home appliances by using mobile. By using this project we can control tap, lights, fans these can be controlled by using HOME AUTOMATION USING MOBILE COMMUNICATION project. This ECE project is more useful in nowadays. This ECE project mainly uses the equipments of microcontroller (AT89C51), DTMF decoder, speech circuit, relay driver. This project is mainly work using mobile communication. Whenever we press a button in the mobile then the corresponding button is pressed in the controlling section (home). Based on the tone here by speech circuit the corresponding controlling operation is worked.

Here microcontroller used of type AT89C51 this is the main part in this project; it is a high performance 8-bit microcontroller of 4kb size. In the customer mobile each button represents one operation and to test this circuit we need the CRO (cathode ray oscilloscope), before checking the output we have to observe the connections is it correct or not, and the circuit current can be measured by using millimetre. Before soldering clean up all the equipments, check whether the leads of the wires are tinned or not, the leads should be tin, the tinning is done using the LED wire, and it should not be over heated. This ECE project mainly used in gardens to switch off the lamps, in homes to switch off the tube lights, to close the tap, and this project may also used for the security purpose, it have the future of recording and capturing.

Download Home Automation Using Mobile Communication Full Project report, Documentation, Abstract and Circuit Diagrams.

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