Introduction to PC Based Robot Controlling Using Wireless Communication With Ask Modulation Project:

This paper represents the design and implementation with experimental results of a PC based robot controlling using radio frequency based wireless communication system with ask modulation,  in this the directions of the robot is controlled by the computer, the receiver section had an control units which regulates the mechanical movements of the robot based on the commands from the PC, the transmitter section holds the computer and an 8051 micro controller used to control the operations based radio frequency communication system, wireless communication is becoming very popular in these days in industrial, medical, household applications, due to the rapid development in embedded systems an rapid advancement had taken place in the field of very reliable wireless communications.

The system in our project consists of a transmitter section and a receiver section, the transmitter section comprises of an micro controller, radio frequency transmitter with PC, serial communication using MAX 232 level converter is used to interface the 8051 micro controller with the PC, the purpose of the serial commutation is to transfer data in two ways i.e. parallel and serial data transfers, by using an input keyboard device we can pass commands to the robot from PC through this transmitter section, the receiver module receives the data by the help of RF transmitter.

The micro controller passé the data to the transmitter antenna by means of RF transmitter and the receiver antenna receives the signals, based on this signals the micro controller in the robot operates, the specified actions and operations are programmed in to the micro controller. We use two dc motors in order to drive the robot in both directions.

This sample kit operates at a regulated 5v dc power supply, for that we use an step down transformer coupled with an full bridge rectifier and an voltage regulator,  the components and schematic operation is clearly explained in the upcoming sections with their implementation and performance characteristics.  

Download ECE Project Report for PC Based Robot Controlling Using Wireless Communication With Ask Modulation .