ECE Final Year Project Report on Three Way Controlled Robotic Arm

Introduction to Three Way Controlled Robotic Arm Project:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of robotic arm. This purely involves robotics. For example, in the past the manufacturing process is manual. This manual system involves more amount of time and huge amount of labor is required. Due to these reasons automation have been used in this process to resolve all the issues.

Hence robots are being used in manufacturing. Robots are defined as a device which is programmed to perform a particular task without human involvement. Usage of robots was found to be more effective and improved accuracy also. Three way controlled robotic arm consists of microcontroller, RS-232, color sensor, comparator, motor drivers and motors.

Brief into design and working of three way controlled robotic arm:

The microcontroller used here is P89V51RD2. This 80C51 microcontroller has 64 KB flash memory. This flash memory can support both parallel and In-System Programming. This flash memory can also be changed when the application is running. LM324 Comparator is used. Max 232 dual driver converts the receiver, transmitter and control signals into signals suitable for circuits.

Color sensor is used to sense the color of ball, the ir pair which is used senses the color. DC motors of 10 RPM and 3.5 Rpm are used. RS232 cable is used for serial communication between the ports. In the operation, control of the arm can be done automatically and by using pc. First the P1.2 bit is checked, if this bit is high then arm is controlled by PC. In automatic controlling arm, it checks the ball and if ball is present it senses the colour of the ball and acts according to the program written. In PC controlled arm it performs the operation according to key pressed.       

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