ECE Final Year Eye writer project Report

Introduction to ECE Final Year Eye writer project:

The main objective of this project is, generally most of the people can read, write, listen, and do anything because of their body communicate with mind. So mind controls every moment of the body. But some of the people can’t do like this because of their body may not communicate with their brain, means brain is active and body is in-active. This kind of people can think but not implement their thoughts. Many scientists were researched and designed “A EYE TRECKER”   for this kind of people. By using eye tracker they can implement their thoughts; this kind of application is called as” AN EYE WRITER”.

                               This eye tracker is used for finding the eye moments and positions from left-to-right, right-to-left and up-to-down, down-to-up and also location of the object. This is used for who are suffering from neuromuscular syndrome. According to the eye moments of the people to write and draw their thoughts and translate these moments into lines on the screen. Eye trackers are three kinds. First one is magnetic field sensor or special contact lenses (which are made by embedded mirror) are attachment to the eye and this sensor or mirror is around with eyeball. It does not slip when the eye rotates. First tracker is used for measuring exact moment and sensitive dynamics of eye.

                               Second one tracker is non-contact optical system, in which infrared light is reflected from the eye which is sensed by the video camera. It is used for measuring the eye motion. And the third one tracker is electrodes, which are placed around the eye uses electro potential is used for measuring the slow eye moment and detecting the gaze direction. Both positive and negative electrodes placed around an eye are called “ELECTROOCULAGRAM” (EOG). Generally there are two eye track techniques, which are Bright pupil and Dark pupil. Difference between these techniques is ON-Axis lighting and OFF-Axis lighting between camera and reflection of light path from eye.

                               Advantages are low cost and are most applicable for cognitive studies, medical research, human factors, computer usability, adult research, in-vehicle, etc. commercial applications are web usability, television programs, advertising media, package designers, both younger’s and  order’s.                 

 Download ECE Final Year Eye writer project Report.

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