Digital Steganography Project is a java based software application designed to send secured information with out effecting any users. In this project we will use multimedia  as covering medium. Modules are explained below.

Digital Steganography Project in Java


In this project there are two modules, namely 

  1. “Making stegano Medium”
  2.  “Getting secret information from stegano medium” 

Each of the modules is described in detail as follows.

In making stegano Medium side, the secret information is hided with in an image file. Before hiding, for security, user has to enter a user code and secret information. A secret code will be generated using user code + secret information and this secret code will be used by the receiver to extract the secret information. After generating secret code stegano medium will be generated. This stegano medium is the final output and expected output from the sender side. 

In getting secret information from stegano medium Side, Actually anyone may get this stegano medium that is picture with secret information, but only the person who knows secret code can read the message. Inputs for breaking the stegano medium are stegano mediam and secret code.

Digital Steganography Project  Design Details:


Making Stegano Medium: 

Step 1: Start the process

Step 2: Enter the Secret Information

Step 3: Enter the User Code

Step 4: Load a multimedia data, here it is an Image

Step 5: Creation of Secret Code by using user code + secret information

Step 6: Hiding secret information with its security into the multimedia data

Step 7: A message box showing the secret key will appear

Step 8: Stop the process 

Extracting secret information from Steganography medium: 

Step 1: Start the process

Step 2: Enter the Secret Code

Step 3: Enter the Stegano Medium

Step 4: Extract secret information from stegano medium by using secret code.

Step 5: Stop the Process