Digital Dc Power Supply Project Report

Introduction to Digital Dc Power Supply Schematic:

This is an extensively used device in performing experiments in the electronic laboratories. Digital Dc Power Supply Project Report discusses the microcontroller based design which as added features. The tux graphic digital dc power supply is built on the idea of the first version but the running model third version has extra features. The display shows the voltage and current limits and we ca enter the desired value with the provide input button pad.

Digital Dc Power Supply Circuit design and operation:

The design consists of a transistor and a zener diode which are used for generating the reference voltage. The transistor handles the higher currents generated  in the circuit. The reference voltage maintained stable even for the fluctuations and the noise components occurred in the voltage. The ADC converter is used for  measuring the voltage and current values all the time. These converters are built by using r-2r ladder technique. The PWM technique is employed to generate modulated pulses and they are run thru a low pass filter by giving a cut off frequency due to which a dc signal is generated. The tux graphics digital dc power supply works with the idea of combining a 10 bit DAC on a r-2r ladder which has a pwm resolution of 12 bits.


This type of power supplies is very useful for performing various experiments. We can know the minute changes in the voltage and current values. By using these power supplies we regulate the current values for which we can various output values which helps in examining the performance of the equipment.

Download Digital Dc Power Supply Project Report.

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