Introduction to Design & Fabrication 8-Element Micro Strip Patch Antenna Array Project:

Design and fabrication of 8 element micro strip patch antenna array project explains about design of light weight and low cost and compact antennas for wireless communication systems. Because of this reasons many researches are working on developing antenna with these factors with interesting design challenges. Micro strip antennas plays important role in mobiles and satellites communication where size and cost is important factor.

Even though micro strip antennas are widely used in cell phones and satellites there are few factors like high gain and high directivity which are not possible. Because of this reason they are not used in many applications where these factors are important. In order to solve this problem array micro strip patch arrays are developed , patch arrays can provide high gain and directivity which are used in radars and reflectors on satellites.

In this project we explain in detail about design implementation and method for fabricating 8 element micro strips patch array antenna. HSFF(high frequency structure simulator) software is used for designing single path and 8-element array and then design is fabricated on PCB substrate.

In this project report we cover detailed explanation on required theoretical calculations and design calculations and design principles of HSFF, mat lab code and information on calculations for designing single micro strip patch antenna.

In these documents we cover basic antenna concepts and the micro strip antennas, classification of antennas, design considerations, micro strip losses, design losses and over view on fabrication techniques.

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Download Design and fabrication of 8 element micro strip patch antenna array project report from this link.