Micro Finance Java Project


Micro finance is a project which has become a mainstream instrument for providing access to formal financial services for helpless people. This project is developed to maintain all the details of the users and to develop online portal.


Micro Finance is an online system developed to provide a online micro finance portal to the bank micro finance customers. This application makes the customer to view all the transactions without any trouble.

This application can be used by the customers who are having a bank account, passbook and photo identification. Bank administrators will manage the customers. All the received details of the candidates will be filtered and divided into different divisions. If all the details of the candidate matches the policies of this application then the candidates will be provided with the loan. All this process will be done automatically without any time waste.

Microfinance  serves as a bridge between social investors and people who need small amounts of money to improve their business and financial position. Micro finance is a banking project where all the services like bringing credit, savings and  financial services are made reach of every customer.


The main objective of this micro finance project is to provide users a way to use their local PCO/CSC booths to perform micro-finance banking through online away from the physical bank. To provide banks an effective way to interact with users and make the transaction easier.



In this module security  identification of anyone assisting the user in using the application. History of loans, repayments, future options. Opportunities in the domain of the user’s operation or expertise.  Roadmap for financing and returns on effort invested.


Details of financed individual are maintained in this module. Relevant history of funds utilization and history of repayments and other borrowing behavior. Brief and relevant history of kinds of transactions conducted. List of possible assistance from bank / institution. Assistance for profession related matters of customer / user ,Planning future activities.


Most productive investments and assistance to be provided to these individuals. Most productive loans administrators. Government support available in users’ domains.

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