The main aim of this Design and Realization of Fire Fighting Robot Based Microcontroller project is to control and detect the flames in mechanical/chemical industries. Microcontroller type AT89C51 is used to implement this project, ultrasonic sensors are used in circuits and these sensors can detect fire exhausting, UVTRON detector is used to find source of fire and can detect in the meters range. Here microcontroller AT89C51 is used and it has 4 ports, these four ports are connected with 32 pin bidirectional input/output lines and the price of this microcontroller is cheap, the output of the microcontroller is connected to robot.

Project Applications and Features:

 The software is used in the robot to control the operation of the robot from the fire, c programming concept is used because it is reliable and easy to write. This design and realization of fire fighting robot based microcontroller is mainly used in industries, power plants and in apartments. This robot can find and stop the fire and the sensors detect the fire using temperature coefficient if temperature increases then sensor send a signal to the microcontroller then microcontroller controls all operations to reduce the fire exhausting, so it is safe and most useful and less cost electronics application.

Download Design and Realization of Fire Fighting Robot Based Microcontroller Seminar Report and Project Idea Paper Presentation.