Data Flow Diagrams of a Secure Chat Program in Quantum Key Distribution


                     If a message conveyed by the authenticity is received by the sender, then it is indicated that sender identity is assured. That means assurance for the sender identity is provided by authenticity. The authenticity requirement is converted into two more requirements on the key of secure multicast.

 data flow diagrams 1

The flow of the application is briefly described using the data flow diagrams represented below: Level1

Level 0

 DFD level 0

                            Fig: DFD level 0

The sample use case diagrams to the application are as follows:

 Use case view of the application

                    Fig: Use case view of the application 

Fig: class diagram of the application

 class diagram of the application

The flow diagram of the entire application is represented below:   

Fig: Flow diagram of the application

Flow diagram of the application

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