CSE Seminar Report on Virtualization

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Virtualization:

It a computer technology introduced by Microsoft that focus on three areas that are hardware virtualization, application virtualization and presentation virtualization.

Hardware virtualization: – Hardware virtualization is the running of various operations on a single machine. In this for creating virtual machine we use software. It is also called desktop virtualization when used on client machines. The client can run various application of different operating system by using virtual machine. Virtual machine also stored files of system that has a sever failure. For this type of technology the Microsoft offers various techniques. The different virtual machine have different configuration.

Presentation virtualization: – In this the software creates a virtual session that interacts with the user on the remote sever. All the remote computer is attached to a central sever where there is data is stored safely. It helps in managing various applications simultaneously on a single machine. It also improves the performance of the computer. It can also solve the problem of the computer.

Application virtualization: – In this the computer resource are presented in an abstract view. It built a connection between an application and the operating system. The main problem in that are that many application shares various things from different application so for avoiding this kind of error the user perform testing before installing any application. For creating virtual application Microsoft created an application called app V.

Other virtual technologies: – Some other technologies are network virtualization in which we use virtual private network which allow user access internal data of the organization if we are attaches to the network.Now a day this technology is used by Microsoft for internet protection. Another is storage virtualization, this provide an abstract view to the user so that other than the physically attached drive can be seen. 

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