CSE Seminar on Machine Translation

Introduction to Machine Translation Seminar Topic:

The Existing system is the automated translation and is the process by which the computer software is used to a text natural language to another.

To access the software or to do a translation of any word or any sentence the meaning or the perfect existing word must be correctly written in the translation means the target language.

The Person who is assigned as a translator must bother and analyze each and every elements and the perfect meaning of each word. This requires a deep study in grammar, sentence structure and the meanings.

Translation was established years ago in the second half of twentieth century thus, a latest version of translation has arrived to compete with Human Translation; & hence called the Machine translation\automatic translation.           

There are total 4 types of Machine translation:-

  • Rule based.
  • Statistical.
  • Example Based.
  • Hybrid MT. 

Rule-Based Machine Translation:-

Rule-based machine translation has a confidence on innumerable built-in grammatical rules and millions of dictionaries for each language pair.

The existing system analyzes text & creates transitional representation from which the text in the target language is accomplished. 

Statistical Machine Translation:-

Statistical machine translation applies mathematical translation models whose parameters branch from the analysis & single or double collections.

Further, mathematical machine translation is CPU exhaustive and requires an extra hardware configuration to run translation models for average performance. 

Example-based machine translation:- 

The Example-based machine translation way to machine translation is normally simplified by its use of collections with characters as its main awareness base, at run-time. It is basically a translation by similarity and can be viewed as an exercise of case-based reason’s access of machine learns. 

Hybrid machine translation:- 

Hybrid machine translation influences the capacity of mathematical and rule-based translation procedure. 


Today Machine Translation has a big importance beginning from technology to business sector.

With the development of the web information channels, a number of users over the world can gain approach to the information easily, hence speakers of different languages will use themselves of the automatic translation service.

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