Cryptography Project Report

Introduction to Cryptography Project:

It is the analysis of mathematical methods which is in connection with the information safety such as data integrity, authentication and data origination. The main connection of cryptography is the clear text or the plain text. This process commonly uses an algorithm or the key. An encryption algorithm is such in which a key decides the real scrambling process. Cryptography deals with the two main important concepts called the DES and RAS.

This maintains the security or prevention to the data or the information by keeping the data in safe mode and protected. The main work it does is it prevents the data from interception and new modifications too. This works on Hash functions, RSA algorithm etc…

Cryptography has four minimum classes to accomplish it and they are Authentication, Privacy, Integrity and the non-repudiation. Cryptography is widely used in the defense of any country, as the chats on the radio are to be heard.

In the defense Army people uses the digital cryptography for radio conversation. There are some means of communications which plays a vital role in every one’s life they are radio communication, network communication, Mobile and telephonic communication. This great increment in technology of communications has being opened the doors for the security threats to every user and other organizations too…

Security attacks are those where each computers goes in a useless condition by the harmful attacks done by the unauthorized users. Plain text, hash functions and various other algorithms adds to the sub types of cryptography. 

This protects the user by permitting an access to the address of the data and the users and this work is done in very secret manner and also the data is kept unrevealed. That’s why this is called as the main support of cryptography because it manages the choice of keys and rejects the attacks too.

Cryptography also helps the RAF force to trace the message passing between the terrorists and their plan. It has turned to be a great advantage of this device in today’s life…

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