Name of the Project: Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool .Net Project with Source Code

Software Requirements:  ASP.Net programming, C#.Net programming, Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Project Description:   The main objective of designing this Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool .net base web project is to provide course-related information to the students.

This .Net Web-based site can provide all possible search results on courses and students can select the course which is suitable to them, after selecting the course the system automatically allocate it to the student. This project can be very much useful for students and college administration.

The previous course finder system was with full of manual work and hard to find the college information and course information on papers.

Now a day’s all intermediate final year students using this project for engineering college selection and branch selection like CSE, IR, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Instrumentation, and other courses.

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