Variety Book Center .Net Project with Source code

Project Title: Variety Book Center .Net Project with Source code

Software Requirements:  ASP.Net, C#.Net, MS SQL, HTML, Java Script.

Project Description: Variety Book Center .Net Project explains about how to buy different books through online, where users can search books and place an order using their credit card or PayPal, the shipment can be delivered to the users given the address. 

This project developed with SQL and .Net. The books categories include Art and Design books category, Social and physical sciences books category, IT and Business Management books category, Current Affair & Politics books category, Law books category, Religion and Spirituality books category.

This is simple web based project and can be implemented over the internet and LAN, mainly developed for final year engineers.

Variety Book Center .Net Project, Abstract, Synopsis, Documentation, Paper presentation, ppt, SQL Database.

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