Customer Relationship Management .Net Project with Source Code

  • Project Title: Customer Relationship Management .Net Project with Source Code

Software Requirements:  Microsoft .Net programming, Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Project Description:  The main use of designing this project Customer Relationship Management is to provide better customer relation in product based companies.

The main modules covered in this web application are admin module, customer module, employee module and Operation MGR module.

The admin module works with providing employee information, employee payrolls, generating crystal reports, and etc. The customer module works with the customer login details, customer inquiries, customer queries, and requests.

The employee module works with the employee personal details, employee payroll information, view questions and employee crystal reports.

This project can provide efficient customer satisfaction and relationship between the company management, employees, and customers.

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  1. this process is used to creating a new website to be delivery the products between the user and customer satisfied with the employee

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