Computer Security Threats Seminar Report

computer security threats and vulnerabilities

The biggest concern for all of us while browsing on internet is the millions of bugs waiting to infiltrate our computer. A bug can be in form of a malware, spyware, virus etc. which affects not only the performance of the system but also can download data from internet automatically or can even erase our hard disk data. Strong laws are being brought in place to control and punish such infiltrators called hackers. We must be careful every time we use net banking or online payment as it is most vulnerable for hacking, if our account is hacked we will lose all the money in our account. There are many threats in the world of computers now which not only effect on a personal basis but also bring huge financial and information losses to big organizations and even government agencies.

Security threats home personal computer

Virus is the first name that comes to our name if we hear computer threat, that is because it is the most common form of bug in a computer. A virus is a program that duplicates itself while copying from system to system or within a system, viruses can lead to loss and manipulation of data in a computer. The viruses can affect hard disks, webs servers, boot sector, local networks, files etc. and there are also further classification of viruses like inserting ones, prep-ending, appending etc.

Other types of threats include Trojan horses, in which malicious files are hidden in some entertainment files, Macro Viruses which can be written in MS Office applications, Worms which spread rapidly effecting wholesome performance of the system, Zombie which would be controlled from a remote system. In the internet sites there would be numerous web sites which are malicious. Trojan ads and other adware, spyware, phishing etc. are forms of internet attacks. Bonk, RDS Shell etc. are types of networking threats.

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