This College Alerts project is about developing an Android Application .This introduce a novel approach for posting marks, attendances etc.and updating it via mobile application. The CNIS model will use a Semantic Mobile Environment.


Presently, for posting marks and attendance, the concerned faculty has to login to the website and do concerned job (posting), which might be quite tedious job and even the students has to login to the website, which might take more time to load the entire data, for which every student must have to login through their specified Username and Password, which might be little inconvenient.


Present proposal is an College Alerts Android Application that can be Installed on android mobile phone, through which, class In charges can login through their specified Username and Password and can directly update marks and attendances, from an android phone without logging into the website, where the In charge’s action is directly saved into the college Database which can be viewed by all the students and everyone, who install the Application on to their Android mobile phone.


In the era of DIGITAL AGE, all organizations and governments, began small and irrespective of type of business, are moving towards adaptation of newer technologies. Our great Leaders are announcing, time and again, that INDIA should Ancash the fruits of digital era for its development. And also, India is strongly moving its organizational activities to the modern smart phones and it is quite natural that most of the organizations use smart PHONES for their day to day business.

Today, in the market there are thousands of applications that help people to carry out their tasks, from anywhere in the world. So because of this, everyone, from younger one to the Elder one, all are making use of these existing apps for completing their tasks at their conveniences .The only reason for the SUCCESS of these apps is that they make most of our work simpler and faster.

Keeping this in mind, this is a small beginning, creating a Google app for linking it with the College data SERVER. The apps, that we created, are going to serve the day to day activities carried out by the Teachers on android phone (like updating marks and attendance from anywhere in the campus and off the campus).



Input Interface: This module will Post marks and attendances to server entered by the faculty using this module which requires Username and Password.


Listing Interface: This module will retrieve information from server on user request and display it to them.

 Alert College Login Activity Create Faculty fmarks up Fpage Fusername HOD Login Post Marks Activity Post Marks Activity2 student login Student page Student screen 1 View Marks Activity