E-Healthcare Advisor Java Project


E-healthcare advisor is a project developed to provide internet based health care information system. This application helps the user to identify certain diseases by answering certain questions asked by the patient.


E-healthcare advisor is a web based application which acts as a communication bridge between the doctor and patient. This application maintains a centralized repository of all information related to diseases and medicines.

E-healthcare application provides online service to the users. By using this application the user need not go to any clinic and meet any doctor. This application is based on the diagnose received by the user and the user will be getting some suggestion of medicines that are available in the local chemist without prescription with an advice to  visit the doctor.

Users/patients need to get registered to this application. They can  simply open the E-Healthcare website and send the request for medicines by  mentioning their disease. It maintains the data and information in a proper way. One can easily browse through the various details using the well defined interfaces provided by the system.


To provide online service to the users without wasting time. To increase the performance and serve thousands of people in mille seconds.



Administrator related functionalities are performed in this module. Administrator manages the entire application and manages all the Patients and non members details. Administrator is authorized to add, delete and edit, User details, Medicines and Diseases Details.


Patients should register to the website. User can send the request to the medicines mentioning their disease details.

Non Members:

In this module non members can also visit the web site. They can get all the information about the diseases and medicines.


This module allows administrator to generate reports based on different criteria such as Diseases and Medicines.

Software Requirements:

Language                                :           Java

Web technologies                   :           JEE (Serve lets/JSP)

Front-end Design                    :           Html, CSS, JSP

Database                                 :           Oracle 10G

Scripting                                  :           JavaScript, Ajax

Browser                                   :           IE 6.0/ Mozilla

Operating System                   :           Windows/Linux

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