Cell Phone Operated Land Rover Electronics Project Report

The main aim of this Cell Phone Operated Land Rover Electronics Project Report is to control the robot by using the mobile phone. If we pressed a button in a mobile then that same button can be pressed and tuned to the Robot phone. This technique is called as the dual tone multiple frequencies (DTMF). This DTMF tone is received to the robot by headset .The robot get the tone this received tone is send to the microcontroller of type ATMEGA16 MC.

 The DTMF decoder used for decoding the encoded signal. This decoded data consists of original data. This data is in the form of binary form. This binary data send to the microcontroller then the robot can move right, left, forward, backward and cross. The robot phone acts as a remote in this ECE project. Normally the wireless (Zig bee) robots are operating at short range of communication and limited frequency range, to avoid this problem we are using the mobile at robot. By using GPS in the robot we can find robot position, by using GSM we can control the robot.

Basically the robot consist of perception (sensors is on the robot), processing (controlling by micro controller).

The components used in this ECE project are Resisters(100k,300k,10k),capacitors(0.47Ωf disk type,22pf),microcontroller of type ATMEGA16(40 pin mc),DTMF decoder MT8870 IC, filters, decoders, steering circuit, guard time adjustments, motor drivers in IC, NOT gates, battery’s for converting chemical to electrical (rechargeable and non rechargeable batteries),voltage regulator(7805 IC) .

Download RC Phase Shift Oscillator ECE Mini Project full Report.

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