Automated Multistoried Car Parking System Project Report

Automated Multistoried Car Parking System Project Introduction :

The best solution for today’s parking problems is automated multistoried car parking system which can be used in big companies and shopping malls where parking is provided in the floors. The main objective of this project is to make a effective use of the limited parking space and provide the exact location of the parking space for the drivers. The entire process is run on a 8051 microcontroller.

Working idea:

A display is providing in floors to know the count of the cars, so that the space can be allotted for the incoming vehicles. A lift is also available for carrying to the respective floors. A LED indicator is provide to the floors to know whether the lift is busy or free. A floor is reserved for VIP’s and they can come by entering their specified id. The microcontroller checks the id and the lift directly takes the vehicle to the respective VIP floor. A sensor is placed in each floor so that it senses the cars coming down and passes the information to the microcontroller. The microcontroller process the information and provides the lift . The information of the lift can be seen in the displays placed in the respective floors. When the lift is free it stops in the particular floor where the car is waiting. The working of the lift controlled by a stepper motor which is acts accordingly to the message given by the IC555 timer. The IC555 timer gets the message from the microcontroller.

Areas of implementation:

This working model can be effectively used in multi storied parking places where it is difficult for the human beings to monitor. This model can effectively work in such places and the vehicle owners do not go waste of time . There is a very unique situation where the remote system goes wrong.

Download Automated Multistoried Car Parking System Project Report.

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