Project Report On Automated Multistoried Car Parking System

This Project Report On Automated Multistoried Car Parking System discusses in details Automatic Parking Control System. Automated car parking management system is basically architecture, designed in such a way so as to manage many car-park areas in which each car-park area is equipped with an automatic till. Automated multistoried parking system helps to minimize the parking lot. In the modern world, where parking is a huge problem and in this age of miniaturization, it is a very critical need, the waste of space in modern, large enterprises and households, etc. If more than 100 cars have to avoid is turned off, this system proves to be useful in reducing the waste of space. The Automatic Car Parking System enables the parking of vehicles, floor after floor and thus reducing the space used. Here any number of cars can be parked according to demand. This makes the system modernized and resembles a space-saving one.

Automatic Car Parking System is enabled with an entry gate and an exit gate with closed circuit television cameras for capturing the image of the number plate of a vehicle on its way in and out respectively. This system communicates by the medium of internet with a remote control center. This system offers state-of-the-art parking management system that lives up to the requirements of professional and innovative management of modern car parking. In this automated system, we can provide car-parking systems for both ground levels.

Project Report On Automated Multistoried Car Parking System Conclusion:

Automated multistoried car parking system allows for an error-free, fast read, non- alternative to the traditional means of site security. With a variety of transponder form factors that can be mounted on or within the vehicle, people can enter a secured area without opening a door or a window to obtain authorization. By automated car parking management system, we can accommodate more cars in less space. This formula can be applied to almost any city in the world. This is probably the prime reasons why automated car park systems are a very attractive alternative to conventional car parking systems by making use of available space in more efficient manner.

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