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artificial intelligence paper presentationIn this artificial intelligence paper presentation we discuss about the Artificial intelligence, need for Representation language and logic for Artificial intelligence. 

In the 1960s and 1970s, knowledge representation research was concerned with representing and using the kind of information we get from reading and from talking to other people: and is often expressed in natural language. 

In 1980s and 1990s the concerns are focused on the details of specific sub domains of day to day knowledge and also on the general structure of our knowledge of everyday terms, leading to the construction of large and general purpose. 

In the twenty first century, people are again interested in representing and using information expressed in natural language in order to make use of the vast store of information contained on the world-wide web. 

Artificial intelligence is the science and also the engineering the machines in such a way that that they are intelligent. It is capable of doing the same kind of the task for using of the computers for human intelligence. 

Future of Artificial Intelligence:

Power Point Presentation on Artificial Intelligence

The various applications of the Artificial intelligence exists can be in the field of the robotics, which is an application which allows the computer for learning from its environment. Even in the applications of the medical field it is capable of deciding the medications based on the symptoms of the patient so that treatment can be done effectively.

We can conclude that artificial intelligence plays a vital role in the applications related to all fields in an effective way.

Download artificial intelligence paper presentation.  

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