Swarm Intelligence PPT Presentation

Introduction to Swarm Intelligence PPT Presentation:

This document contains detailed description about swarm intelligence. Let us take an overview of the document.

a.)    Real World Inset Example

b.)    Theory Of Swarm

c.)     Form Insets to Realistic Artificial Intelligence example

d.)    Examples Of Artificial Intelligence Example 

A.)   Real World Insect Example

The real world inset example to explain swarm theory we consider the insects like bees, wasps, termites, ants. Bess follow colony cooperation system. Food source are exploited as per the quality and distance of hive. Wasps are insects which have complex nests with horizontal columns, protective covering, and central entrance hole. Termites have cone shaped outer wall, ventilation ducts, brood chambers, spiral cooling events, support pillars. Ants communicate in such a way they build a bridge of their bodies to transfer the food. And the labors are divided in the following categories major and minor ants.

B.)    Swarm Intelligence Theory

Let us learn how swarm theory in brought in picture with the help of real world examples. Implementing swarm theory in real world lead to some hurdles and these are solution to swarm system is difficult to define the problem. There is need of interaction between and among the agents. Solution to this problem of swarm intelligence is designing a biological model and creating a base so that this biological model can be related to the designing of the real world system.

C.)    Form Insets To Realistic A.I Intelligence

In swarm intelligence modeling can be addressed with the help of following things problem solving, algorithm, and real world application. Modeling is the basic thing to build an real world application of swarm system. Modeling can be performed in particular steps which include observing the phenomenon, creating biological model, and then create similar model of real world system. A good model mainly contains three important things parsimony, coherence, and refutability.

D.)   Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

Examples of swarm intelligence in real world are building a robot or a network free from congestion, shortest route can be obtained, adaptability, flexibility

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