This Air Driven Engine project introduces the Air Driven Engine which is an engine that monitors with compressed air. It is an eco-friendly which makes use of expansion of compressed air to control the engine pistons. This engine is a pneumatic actuator which operated on expansion of compressed air. It does not include mixed fuel and combustion.

The Air Driven Engine utilizes technology of compressed air for its function. The technology is very easy and simple. On compressing air into a cylinder, the air is consisted of energy into it. The energy is used for many things. If the compressed air expands then the energy is formed to accomplish the task. Hence this form of energy is used to replace the piston.

It is known that air is present around us and it is long lasting and non-polluting and available for free. The engine uses compressed air technology for its function. The technology is known to be used for the research by many industries for the evolution of many drives for many things.

 There is no combustion in air driven engine and hence it is non-polluting and not dangerous. It needs lighter metal only because of the absence of elevated temperatures. The compressed air is the fuel which is directly enters into the piston cylinder. It expands in the cylinder and offers required power to the crankshaft.


This Air Driven Engine Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project Report concludes on the aim of the engine which is based on compressing the air. It makes use of compressed air and hence the engine is a pneumatic actuator. This operation is available on using supply power to engine crankshaft.

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