Advantages of Firewalls

There are many advantages for firewalls and they are discussed as below:

  • In order to insecure the services inherently, the incoming requests are stopped using the firewalls, for example, the services like RPC and rlogin such as the NFS can be denied by the firewalls.
  • The access of various services can be controlled by the firewalls and these services includes bar callers from assured IP addresses, both the outgoing and incoming service operations are filtered for example FTP writes are stopped, the information can be secured by permitting the users accessing the assured directories and systems.
  • Than securing all the hosts on the corporate network the firewalls are considered as most cost effective because only one firewall or few firewalls are allocated for concentrating the network.
  • When compared with the security provided to all the hosts the firewalls are self-secured because the software on the host is very complex and therefore there are more chances for appearing of security loopholes. But in case of the firewalls they don’t run the application software that are too complex and even the operating system they use is also simplified and there for can secure the no of hosts also.

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