Project Status Report 

Project Status Report – Periodic Progress Summary 

Project name: A Search Result Ranking Algorithm for web pages 


Work done last semester:

Last semester we accomplished the phase A of our project. We finalized on “A Search Result Ranking Algorothm for web pages” as our BE Project. A number of IEEE papers were referred to and various web sites were visited in order to obtain sufficient knowledge about the topic. This lead to a proper Literature survey for the project. A presentation was made, which gave a brief of the existing algorithms used and a description of the proposed system. The presentation also included

  • Scope of the System
  • Literature Survey of the System
  • Basics Involved
  • Analysis and Design
  • Workflow Charts
  • Applications of the system

Then an IEEE paper was drafted which contained the abstract , the concept giving a brief idea of the project followed by the explanation and the conclusion inferred from our literature survey. Finally a book report was compiled based on the information in the IEEE paper, the presentation and other data collected.

What are we doing in current semester:

In this semester implementation of the project is to be carried out. The technologies planned to be used are SeoQuake toolbar, Winweb Crawler, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and HTML. A final draft of the IEEE paper will be made and sent to the various conferences (both national and international). Also the presentation will be modified to include the implementation part of the project. The frontend will include a User Interface designed using HTML and PHP. The Winweb crawler will be used for crawling web pages online (restricting the search for only a few keywords). The SeoQuake toolbar will then be used for Keyword density. The proposed ranking Algorithm (SCAR)will be created using javascripts. The database connectivity will be done using PHP. The database used will be MySQL.

Issues we’re working on now: 

We are currently working as to hoew we have to sync the available tools and our ranking algorithm

Summary Progress Report

Project Name: A Search Result Ranking Algorithm for Web pages Report Month: January
Project Guide: Phone, E-mail:  
Project Description: Locating useful information effectively from the World Wide Web (WWW) is of wide interest. The huge volume of the return results makes the user only focus on the top results. So the ranking problem becomes the important task for the search Systems. This gives a new viewpoint on how to improve the quality of information retrieval. On studying the various ranking algorithms, and analyzing their merits and demerits, a new search ranking algorithm based on Web pages and Tag clustering, and using several evaluating methods to assess and contrast with Google can be presented..
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Project Status :                        Good                            Avg                              Poor

Key accomplishments last period:

Information about the project was gathered and analyzed. A presentation, IEEE paper and book report was created using the information.

Upcoming tasks for this period:

We plan to design an effective and running Ranking Algorithm

We plan on completion of the coding of the system and the required database to support the system.

After coding we plan on testing the performance of the system.

Implementation of the project will be carried out and a final presentation will be created and presented. Also a final IEEE paper will be created and will be sent to conferences for presentation.


Minor issues with coding are being faced.Major issues if any will be addressed.

Department of Computer Engineering

Weekly Progress Report Card-Project B 

Project Title : A Search Result Ranking Algorithm based on Web pages 

Month : January

Task Assigned: Week 1 Week 1 Week 2 Week 2  
 Worked on the Seo Quake toolbar, and win web crawler Worked on the Seo Quake toolbar, and win web crawler Worked on the database and page links Revision of the IEEE paper for submission to conferences


Month : February

 Task Assigned: Week 1 Revision of IEEE paper and part coding Week 1 Revision of IEEE paper and part coding


Week 2  

Final proof reading of the paper and finding out of other conference details

Week 2

Final draft of IEEE paper and coding


Project Title : A Search Result Ranking Algorithm based on Web pages 

Month : February

Task Assigned: Week 3 Week 3 Week 4 Week 4  
 ImplementationApplication to other conferences  ImplementationApplication to other conferences   ImplementationApplication to other conferences  ImplementationAssembling of the different modules

Month : March

 Task Assigned: Week 1  Implementation

Assembling of the different modules, and testing

Week 2Evaluation and testing of project Week 2 Evaluation and testing of project and making of the black book Week 3Evaluation and testing of project and making of the black book Week 3Evaluation and publishing of final draft of the black book